Honour is always changing to keep up with the latest tech, game styles and programs which can aid community and fun experiences.
We have always used some form of external communication out of games in order to plan, scheme and organise for raids, new guild policies, pvp raids etc.
Originally we used Email, forums and instant messangers. This eventually evolved to using whatsapp/forums.
Whatsapp has been very very efficient in maintaining honours survival and relevance as a competitive gaming community, however it has limitations in that we cant get everyone on and not everyone wants to hand out their phone numbers.
Facebook etc are old social medias which aren't as positively used as we'd like so we haven't pushed facebook chats/groups etc.

So Discord, offers us a chance to build ourselves a close and integrated external guild chat along with keeping us all together.
The Honour Discord server is available on this link:


Instructions: download discord to your pc and phone.
use the link above when asked for a server address.
Wait in the welcome lobby until your honourian and any council rank is applied.
You can then use the auto bot in the honourbot channel to apply the game specifics you require, in order to join and take part in the Honour external chat programs for those specific games.

Also the Honour general chat is open to all members that join Discord who are given the honourian rank.
This allows for cross game guild chat, external from all games and barriers.
Be sociable and be friendly, get to know your fellow honourians from other games, share your daily adventures in game or out, photos, new games or films, even say morning each day if you wish.
We are a community, gaming community but still a community. We pride ourselves on being friendly, sociable and try our best once a year to hold a live event where anyone is welcome (if they can afford it0 to take part.
We record and save our online adventures here and on youtube to share for our community and we save and share live events on our various medias, Youtube, fbook, website etc.
We are moving forward as a community in an attempt to bring gaming barriers down and hopefully embracing discord will help and allow new friendships and cross platform gaming to happen even more than it does already.

Colour coding is used for council rank structure:
Gold is the elder council T1, Purple is T2 High ministers who are i ndaily charge of their gaming guild choice, Red is T2 High council members. (these three ranks are the ones you need to approach to get verified as honourian on the discord server)
different degrees of blue represnt the Honour counicl T3 and our T4 apprentices as well as Honourian ranks.

For the Council:

For those of you in a recruiter role, there will be eventually training given on the open recruitment discord channel we will have on the discord server.
This will allow any one checking us out on social media links and external recruitment messages, to pop on and speak to us and our recruiters before they decide to join honour, via forums, game, TS, discord etc.

Please make sure any new recruits entering the welcome channel and activating the bot are given their ranks and pointed in the right direction please.

Have fun all and help us build a lasting and strong community with all our active gaming members, our inactive members currently without a game and enjoying the richness of irl :) and of cause a warm welcome to future honour members that join us.