Honour merchandise is coming back, starting with the all new Freedom patch.

This is a top quality embroided sew/glue/iron on patch.
Dubbed the "HNR freedom" patch, because you now have the freedom to decorate anything you want with this item.
A bag, a t-shirt, a cap, a hoodie, a jacket, a rug, curtains, towel, pair of pants, bras, (wont fit G strings), flags, animal coat, car seats, motorbike apparel, shoes.
This patch will fit anywhere to your liking.

As with all merchandise, upon purchasing you are auto awarded the Honour Faithful emblem on your website profile.
We want to see where you've stuck it. So please send us or attach a photo here for us to have a good look :)

Price includes shipping.

The store is available only to Honourians and is located on the top menu of our Website

Wear your colours with pride!!!